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Sources of Income checklist

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Kalyani Narayanan,CEO and Principal Officer says Don’t forget to include the income from the various sources – Here is a check list to help you remember Typically, as a salaried tax payer you'll need to have the following items at hand for filing yo… more »

Time to Analyse

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Kalyani Narayanan, CEO and Principal Officer says  Most families do not have the discipline of analyzing their financial portfolio and discussing where they are, what they need to do, how to go about, etc. If you are one of those, I am sure you are… more »

What is the difference between an insurance broker and an insurance agent

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Today, many companies are offering ULIP policies with 'Highest NAV Guaranteed' option. Many are asking for various clarifications on this. So, I thought of writing about it this month. How do insurance companies manage the… more »

Online purchase of insurance policies yet to take off

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Buying travel tickets, shares or doing financial transactions online may have become commonplace. But vending insurance online is not going to happen in a hurry.Life and general insurers offer policies online and there are insurance broking firms that ha… more »

Secure Your Child's Future

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Children’s insurance plans provide a security blanket for your child’s future. Lead a worry-free life with it more »
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