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Difference between Health Insurance sold by Life Insurance companies and the same sold by General Insurance Companies

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  Greetings ! You may notice that just about every insurance company today sells some policy or another that focuses on health related risks. You should know the difference between the two basic categories of health insurance and which one is appro… more »

What does 'critical illness' mean?

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Kalyani Narayanan, CEO and Principal Officer says In insurance parlance, 'Critical illness' is classified as those illnesses that, even after treatment (if at all), the disease alters the lifestyle of a person drastically. Take for example, cancer. Wh… more »

Keep Your Old Health Insurance Policies

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Kalyani Narayanan , CEO SaysI would like to share my experience on "how important it is to keep our old insurance policies". We generally throw away the expired policies (be it car, health, or property) as soon as the current year renewal is done.  I a… more »

Health Insurance India

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Health Insurance alias Mediclaim Policy covers you and your family to meet any unforeseen medical expenses such as hospitalization due sudden illness, surgeries and accidents including room charges, doctor's fees, medicines, tests etc. more »
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